Glass, a magical process by which millions of loose bits of sand turn into a clear, honey-like substance which plays with fire, emits a warm glowing light, and turns solid in the span of a single breath.

An amorphous solid, glass also lacks the ordered molecular structure of true solids, and yet its irregular structure is too rigid for it to qualify as a liquid. It occupies a space in between. Thus it is fertile ground for exploring dualities of structure and fluidity, form and disarray, positive and negative, made and found.

Dual #1

2020, Flameworked glass + stone

Dual #2

2020, Flameworked glass + wood

Dual #3

2020, Flameworked glass + rock


2020, Flameworked glass molded into found coral reef rock


2020, Flameworked glass molded into found stone

Separate \ Whole

2019, Flameworked glass